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Fungal infections are inflammatory conditions caused by fungus. #FungalInfection is caused due to environmental conditions, unhealthy lifestyle practices, diabetes, steroid abuse, and excessive sweating . Patients suffering from fungal infection experience symptoms like scaling of the skin, peeling, red rashes, and itching . One can experience fungal infection on the face, underarms, and most commonly on skin folds, thighs, under the breast, and hips. Fungal infection on the skin can spread if not treated at an early stage . Fungal infections can affect the normal lifestyle of an individual and hence should be treated by an experienced and qualified dermatologist . There are several fungal infection treatments available which include fungal infection creams and oral medication. Fungal infection treatment should be performed under the guidance of an expert, and one should avoid treating fungal infection through home remedies and over-the-counter medication. To know more about fungal infections and ways to take care of them to prevent the severe condition Visit our A.V Clinic

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